Nicolo Horel

After successful experiences at Société Générale and Ernst & Young, Nicolo joined the start-up Dalenys, which would become the 1st French Fintech. As Chief Financial Officer and member of the Executive Committee, Nicolo structured the entire group which would then be sold to Natixis.

With this experience and the network, he has built, Nicolo decided to create Stelleor with one ambition: to enable digital entrepreneurs to achieve their ambitions. To carry out his project, Nicolo has surrounded himself with a trusted team to whom he transmits his passion, his vision and his sense of excellence on a daily basis.

Whether on a professional or personal level, he is always committed to achieving the goals set.

Nicolo likes to share his multiple interests: art, literature and cooking. Always looking for new adventures, he likes to challenge himself by taking on multiple new hobbies such as survival lessons in the wilderness.

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