Financial Management

Stelleor puts at your disposal an expert team that knows your business and provides you with personalized solutions with high added value. An entrepreneur, to create value, must devote himself to the development of his business. Stelleor takes care of all your financial missions.

Business Partner

  • Participation in Boards meetings
  • Presentation to the Boards of Directors
  • Management of financial teams
  • Management of the relationship with financial partners, auditors, lawyers, accounting firms …

Management control

  • Realization and monitoring of your business plan
  • Implementation and monitoring of performance indicators
  • Financial reporting
  • Process review and automation
  • Preparation of financial documentation: financial statement, reference documents, etc.

Cash flow optimization

  • Cash flow monitoring and management
  • Cost optimization
  • Optimization of working capital


  • Support in the management of tax audits
  • Structuring of financial flows
  • Management of transfer pricing
  • Analysis of VAT issues

Due Diligence

  • Financial acquisition audit
  • Assessment of risk exposures
  • Promotion of synergies
  • Identification of financial elements for negotiation


  • Of potential acquisition targets
  • Of your business
  • Of your equity investment
  • Of a particular asset
  • Of Business assets

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