Fundraising & M&A

Fundraising & M&A

Transactions : acquisitions & sales

Stelleor offers you a complete advisory service for the completion of your transactions. We ensure that your operations take place in the best possible conditions, while respecting the culture and values of your company. Thus, during acquisition projects, Stelleor takes time to understand your long-term project in order to build your acquisition strategy with you.

Acquisition/ Buy-Side M&A

  • Definition of the acquisition strategy,
  • Selection of relevant targets,
  • Valuation of the targeted company,
  • Assistance in the exchanges with the targets and its financial/legal advisors,
  • Structuring of the deal,
  • Assistance in the negotiations : price, deferred payment, earn-out, Asset and liability guarantee, etc,
  • Review of the legal documentation for the closing of the transaction

Sales/ Sell-Side M&A

  • Analysis of your business and your business model,
  • Preparation of the necessary documentation: teaser and memorandum,
  • Targeted prospecting of potential buyers,
  • Data room development,
  • Assistance in the conduct of negotiations,
  • Review of the legal documentation for the closing of the transaction

Fundraising & M&A

Fundraising and financing

Stelleor carefully selects its fundraising operations by focusing on the quality of the projects and the vision of the entrepreneurs. So, whether you are carrying out your seed or a larger series, Stelleor supports you at every stage of your project. Our role is to help you master all aspects of your fundraising: adjust your strategy if necessary, highlight your growth potential and prepare the presentation to your future shareholders


  • Understanding

In order to gain an astute understanding of your project, we analyze conjointly your product, your value proposition, your metrics and your ecosystem.

  • Anticipation

Our expertise and business knowledge allow us to prepare quality documentation that highlights the strengths of your company while anticipating potential investor questions.

  • Concretization

Following this valuation, we deliver key documents: teaser, business plan, pitch deck and list of “nasty questions”.


  • Selection

We select the most relevant sources of financing for your business in accordance with your instructions. Then, we present the project to our investors network: BPI, Banks, investment funds, family offices, business angels and corporate.

  • Standing out

The first minutes of a meeting are key and allow investors to form a vision of your project. We help structure your speech and to present the most relevant information.

  • Training

Stelleor provides coaching session so that you can calmly approach presentations to investors.

Deal Documentation

  • Due diligence

We assist you during the audit: preparation of the files, development of the data room and assistance with any eventual questions of the investors.

  • Legal

Stelleor assists you in your negotiations relating to legal operations related to the deal: letter of interest, term-sheet, investment agreement, shareholder agreement, etc.

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