Our CSR Commitments

Corporate Social Responsibility:
a priority for everyone!

We are convinced that we have a major role to play in improving the world in which we live.
This is why Stelleor is committed to acting as a responsible company by defining CSR commitment


The digital industry is very energy intensive and we can really impact things by changing our working habits

4% of human emissions

2,8% of human emissions

If Internet was a country, it would be the 3rd most energy-intensive in electricity

Sending emails generates 260 kg of CO2 per year and per person.
CO2 represents 77% of GHG of human origin

Our commitments for the environment

We are committed to reducing the environmental impact resulting from our activities:

Implementation of selective sorting

Reduction of paper consumption through the use of reusable notebooks - fr.myrocketbook.eu

>95% of client meetings, roadshows and internal meetings are held via video tools such as GoogleMeet and Teams

Limitation of business travel to reduce the carbon footprint:

  • No employee uses an individual car on a daily basis to get to their place of work
  • Incentive bonus for employees who come by bike or scooter

We favor travel by train rather than by plane:

  • The train is on average 30 times less polluting than the plane
  • Below 700kms, the train saves time compared to the plane

We are commited to a better management of our emails:

  • Reduce the size and number of attachment: Zip the documents to send and use WeTransfer for large attachments
  • Limit sending only to relevant people: Identify specific email recipients and avoid sending junk emails containing only one word or phrase
  • Get rid of recurring emails: Unsubscribe from newsletters and deactivate the notifications
  • Clean your mailbox: Sort emails as they arrive and take 10 minutes a week to delete useless emails that pollute the mailbo

Our commitments for our coworkers

We are committed to encouraging diversity, promoting the well-being of employees, but also to promote ethics and transparency in the practice of our professions



Continuous training
of employees

Our team comes from all over the world:

Stelleor provides all its employees with working conditions that promote personal development


Our commitments with our clients and partners

We are committed to supporting entrepreneurs who work for a better world: renewable energies, sustainable equipment, support for people in difficulty, etc.

Stelleor is commited to :

Have more than 50% of its customers acting in favor of our CSR values : solar panels, school support, assistance for people with reduced mobility, responsible household appliances, etc.

We support noble causes such as organ donation through the Course du Cœur.


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